27 Oct

Ready Player I

Time to try something.

I have tons of games – games I play somewhat regularly, games I play for a bit and then forget about entirely, games I’ve gotten in a bundle that I forget about instantly, games that I tell myself I’ll always get around to playing. I never do; I never get around to playing the games I’m waiting to get around to.

So here’s the deal. Every week, I’m going to let the random number generator over at steamroulette.net pick a game for me. I’m going to sit down with that game for a minimum of 3 hours over the course of the week. And I’m going to write a coherent bit of faff about it on this site that either uses my game design knowledge and skills, my general world view, or – if I’m really feeling saucy – my funny bone. [Note: I just looked up faff and it looks like it’s only supposed to be used as a verb and not a noun, but I don’t ascribe to that sort of restrictionist faff.] Read More