07 Nov

I’m Batman

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous when I hit that button for the first time last Friday. As the games flashed onscreen, I wondered: what would my fate be? Would the game I was to play be a AAA title I’d neglected? An indie darling that I’d played for half an hour only to get distracted by something shinier?

I'm Batman

It was Batman: Arkham Asylum – a game that I had beaten on console when it released. Not only had I beaten it, I had actually spent more than a few hours after finishing the campaign in the numerous challenge rooms, trying to outscore one of my friends who was playing it at the same time. This was a game I had given more than the time of day oh-so-long ago. What would it be like to be Batman again, especially after a two-sequel interlude? I installed the bugger and proceeded to find out.  Read More